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UniCath -- Multi layer coating -- various Drug combinations are possible -- Very low sound during operation -- Uniform coating throughout operation -- Highly Compact Structure -- Spray nozzle distance will remail constant all the     time from the Device -- Accurate spray pattern -- Exhaust fan for unused drug -- Very low maintenance -- Big graphical display for clear viewing -- Full function membrane keyboard -- Air pressure gague with digital pressure indicator -- Vision system for to see live process ( Optional ) Features: Technical Specifications: -- Parameter setting: Programmable parameters by user on Graphical LCD panel with membrane  Keyboard -- Horizontal axis movement: 5 to 300 mm (Programmable) -- Horizontal Axis Speed:  1 to 100mm/second (Programmable) -- Process Time:  1-999 seconds (Programmable) -- Distance of spray nozzle from device under coating:      40mm to 60mm (Manual, mechanical adjustable) -- Spray flow setting:  Micrometer setting for better  repeatability of flow -- Air flow setting for Nozzle: Digital pressure gauge with pressure controlling knob on front panel -- Device Griping: Manual spring operet -- Drying option: IR heater with temperature controller with setting range between 30® C to 100® C, length of the heater will be 245mm. - Air exhaust: Exhaust fans for removing remain drug during coating. -- Driving method: Stepper motors with micro stepping drive for axis for accurate and smooth movement -- Spray gun: High precision Air Spray Guns -- Solenoid: for air ON/OFF -- Body Material: Aluminum with powder coating -- Weight: 50Kgs (approximate) -- Machine dimensions: L: 770mm, W: 580mm, H: 450mm -- Input supply voltage: 230V @ 50Hz AC  (4 Amp)